Jun 29, 2020 • 5M

Episode 12 - Public and Private Chains

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Gautam Dhameja
Block Shots provides a basic understanding of the most important blockchain concepts in five minutes. Learn about blocks, transactions, consensus, finality, governance, etc. and many more fundamentals while having your morning coffee, commuting, or whenever you’ve got a moment.
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In this episode, we understand types of blockchain networks depending on who can read the state and who can participate in block production (updating the state).

  1. Private or Public state

  2. Permissionless or Permissioned block production

In a permissionless blockchain, anyone can participate in the block production process, while in a permissioned blockchain, only selected nodes can produce blocks.

In a public blockchain, anyone can read the state (data), while in a private blockchain, only the intended users or nodes can read the data.

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